Kojima’s new game gets shadowy cover story

The good folks over at Kombo (img credit) posted up a leak of next month’s PSW cover story about Hideo Kojima’s brand new game. Seen in silhouette, it looks to be a man in a suit of armour of some sorts. Most of the speculation has it being another Metal Gear, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. Other speculation has it on being a continuation of the Snatcher franchise. The mysterious figure doesn’t look cyber-punkish, though. Personally, I have a feeling it’s a new IP altogether and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the forthcoming E3 announcement. Kojima’s name is in the company title, but that doesn’t mean he’s personally creating every game the company is currently making. I think it’s high time Kojima separates himself from his previous properties and branch out onto greener pastures (that’s two metaphors for the price of one, folks!).

I guess we’ll all find out either at E3 or when the new issue of PSW hits news stands in the UK come June. Fingers crossed it isn’t just a PSP Boktai. Nothing against Boktai, but I’m willing to bet most gamers are expecting something bigger.