Resident Evil: Director’s Cut coming to PSN next week

On Thursday, word broke that Sony would be releasing some PS1 classics to the PSN. Five games from the platform’s older catalogue were given an ESRB rating, something that typically indicates an impending release. These ratings, however, did not come alongside official release dates.

One of the games listed in the pack of five is Resident Evil: Director’s Cut. A recent post on the Capcom-Unity Blog, from Capcom ‘Marketing Dude’ Matt Dahlgren, revealed that the Director’s Cut will be heading to the PSN on May 28th. The PS1 classic will list for $9.99. There is no word in his post concerning whether or not this release is only for the North American territory, or if it would include other regions as well.

Resident Evil: Director’s Cut is a retooling of the original title for the PS1. The original Resident Evil released in 1996, the Director’s Cut followed 18 months later. The update brought with it a rearranging of enemies, loot and altered camera angles. It essentially provided a fresh look at the ’96 release.

Those loving the recent Resident Evil titles may want to pick this one up in order to brush up on their RE history.