7 days around the MMO world (May 24)

As promised, this week will include part two of our E3 fodder as we will throw out our wish list of what we would love to see at E3 no matter how ludicrous it is. Keep in mind that we don’t really expect any of these things to happen per-say, but we be overwhelmingly excited if they did.

Our MMO wish list:

  • Bethesda and or Interplay officially announces the Fallout MMO complete with a sneak peak
  • Vigil shows up with some very early previews of the Warhammer 40k MMO
  • The rumors that Lord of the Rings Online is coming to Xbox 360 gets confirmed and tagged with a release date
  • The Agency makes a major comeback and dumps tons of media on us

Unfortunately this week has been excruciatingly slow in terms of MMO news despite the overall scene humming along business as usual. Whether developers are holding out for E3, which is approaching rather quickly now, or not we’ll find out.

This week was slow, it’s true. But there are a number of little things that did get thrown out there that kept us a little bit satisfied. Vanguard, a game we have yet to mention thus far, got an update this week that for the first time in its history increased the level cap. The new cap is 55 and getting there should prove to be a challenge to its community. It’s easy to forget about solid titles like Vanguard being eclipsed by the shadow of games like World of Warcraft and the likes, but it’s a nice reminder that they’re out there chugging along despite the constant nay-saying of critics.

That also goes for Age of Conan which celebrated a one year anniversary this week. Despite all the indicators and critics claiming AoC was a dead MMO walking, it seems to be rebounding and surviving. Just like we said about Warhammer Online, an MMO doesn’t need multi-million players in order for it to be a success. We all need to understand and get used to the fact that not every MMO will be a mega hit like WoW is.

It just seems like yesterday that World of Warcraft dropped one of its biggest patches to date on the community and already Blizzard is talking about the next patch. The 3.2 “Call of the Crusade” patch is to include a number of changes for sure, and the list will grow much larger long before it even hits the test servers. A couple of the major additions are:

  • Argent Tournament expanded
  • New battleground called Isle of Conquest which features siege warfare described as “Wintergrasp combined with Alterac Valley with a few more twists.”
  • New raid instance and 5 man dungeon called Crusader’s Coliseum which will be the pre-raid leading up to Icecrown Citadel
  • Arena season 7 will begin complete with new items and rewards

In other MMO news: