Damnation developers talk multiplayer, we talk reviews

Damnation, Codemasters’ steampunk-esque shooter, is due out this week. To our dismay, it has been receiving less that stellar reviews, but we are withholding judgment until we have the chance to give it a proper play through. Until then, Richard Gilbert, Producer for developer Blue Omega Entertainment, gives us a look at the game’s competitive multiplayer action and tells us that that the maps are not taken from the single-player campaign but are crafted solely for the multiplayer experience.

We had really high hopes for Damnation when we first saw it in action, but quotes like “…far worse than it looks” from X360 Magazine UK and “…will only lead to buyer’s remorse…” from Eurogamer, make us think twice about our excitement for new games. Has this happened to you before? Have you ever looked forward to a game release and then been put off by the reviews? Group therapy begins in the comments.