Details behind the possible Trico trailer

When the Project Trico trailer hit the web a few days ago it became a pretty big deal, with the Youtube video above already nearing a million views. It was beautiful and awe inspiring, so of course gamers wanted more information on game, now rather than later. Well, PS3Center purports to have uncovered some behind the scenes info regarding the trailer. No source was given so you’ll have to take these details at face value and a large grain of salt.

  • It wasn’t a trailer, but an internal tech demo to show off games developed by various Sony development teams. This is why the game used licensed music rather than an original composition.
  • The trailer is nearly 2 years old, having been shown at Sony’s Santa Monica studio as part of a GameShare event.
  • The leaked video is truncated from the original, which was 5 minutes long.
  • A possible control scheme would be the sixaxis for the monster and the analog stick for the character, which could mean moving both simultaneously. Sounds really hard, but we’ll see.
  • The trailer is not indicative of the final product. It’s really old footage and chances are the charcacter and monster has been upgraded or redesigned altogether. Just look at the original NICO trailer. Though reminiscent, it’s very much different than what Shadow of the Colossus eventually became.
  • This game will almost definitely not come out in 2009.