The pressure is on for Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima created Metal Gear Solid. In a way, that’s all the introduction any gamer would need. But will Kojima continue the Metal Gear series even after Solid Snake? When asked by Develop if there’s pressure to make another Metal Gear, Kojima replied, “Yeah, there’s absolutely pressure there. Maybe if I quit Konami that pressure might be a bit better, but since Konami handles the business side of our operations, yeah, there’s definitely a demand to continue a series as successful as Metal Gear.” He also goes on to say that the industry will be shifting to a position where those who fund and those who create are more distinct.

Even then, could a Metal Gear game be possible with Hideo Kojima or could another developer make a videogame just as good? “I think that what you might expect from a Metal Gear might only be possible from Kojima Productions, rather than leaving it to an outside studio to produce a satisfactory product,” Kojima said. “But, then again, if I got an offer saying a company wanted to do it, maybe!” It could be the best thing for Kojima as the possibility of working on another project big or small continues to be something he strives for and with his visits to development houses outside of Japan, a collaboration between a western developer and Kojima could be a possibility.