Xseed holds their Grudge for Wii owners

Despite the fact that Nintendo’s Wii is home to titles such as Deadly Creatures, Resident Evil 4 and Obscure, gamers tend to not regard the system as the definitive choice to obtain horror-based gaming experiences but tend to look to other systems, which provide ample horror thrills through titles such as Dead Space.

Xseed hopes to position the Wii as capable of providing horror experiences by bringing over AQ Interactive’s Ju-On: The Grudge to Nintendo’s console this October.

According to Gamespot, the title will be developed by FeelPlus and is regarded as a “haunted house simulator” that will allow players to use the Wii Remote to both explore the house and scare unsuspecting individuals.

Takashi Shimzu, who is the creator of the Ju-on series, will serve as a creative consultant for this title with FeelPlus in order to ensure its authenticity towards the source material.

The news of this title coming to the Wii is interesting, considering that I’m tired of playing Resident Evil 4 repeatedly and have thus longed for some fresh opportunities to become frightened. While this doesn’t make up for Nintendo’s decision to not release Fatal Frame for the Wii, this title should prove a reasonable substitute.