E3 2009 / What we want!

We’re going to E3 and as such we like to think we’re big and important and people will want to read what we believe is going to happen at the convention. Not only that we also think people will find it interesting if people knew what we wanted to happen at E3. Yes, for the first time That VideoGame Blog is bringing everyone our E3 predictions. We’ve divided them up into two sections: What we want to happen and what we think is actually going to happen. Hopefully you’re just as interested in learning our predictions and telling us how wrong we are as we are in expressing them to you.

We’ll start off with the wants and then tear them all down with the actual beliefs of what is going to happen tomorrow. See we’ve got some high hopes for E3 and we’re pretty sure most of them are going to come crashing to the ground like so many Boom Blox.

We’ll start with the big boys and what we dare to dream about them. We divided these up so that if a game was platform exclusive (excluding PC) it went under that platform’s “want list.” What are the biggest drams of all? Come learn.


Denis: I’d love to see a Mario Galaxy 2 for this holiday season and a new Zelda trailer. It would also be cool if there was an MGS game for Wii that uses the remote to break the fourth wall in every way imaginable.

Kristen: I want a Professor Layton movie trailer, along with localization deets on the Diabolical Box and The Final Time Journey.

Dennis: I wish Nintendo would show a new Wii Zelda trailer set in the future with laser swords and then invite out Atari to apologize for Ghostbusters Wii not utilizing the balance board to activate ghost traps.

Chad: MGS4 for Wii using Wii MotionPlus.

Evan: I’d like to see some games that use Wii MotionPlus in ways I never considered and downloadable Gameboy games on DSiWare.

Chris: Nintendo announces a new Eternal Darkness (or similar horror) for the Wii.

Tommy: A brand spankin’ new Nintendo IP in the vein of Metroid and/or Zelda.

Jordan: Nintendo needs to have a new non-casual Nintendo game.

Matthew: I’d love to see Miyamoto come out with an entirely new game that no one would expect.


Denis: Let’s get some Alan Wake details and have it released this holiday. I also want to find out that Peter Molyneux’s next game is not Fable related. Epic should get the Warhammer 40k license and then announce and show the trailer for Gears of WAAAGH!!!

Lee: Anything new from Valve, be it Half-Life 2: Episode 3, or something shiny and new. (Ed. Note: This was popular with many writers, of course, with Nick hoping that Ep. 3 would be released for 800 MSP the day of the announcement. How these kids love to dream.).

Chad: There must be a Zune phone from Microsoft.

Butner: Portal 2. That is all.

Jamie: There should be a new Halo game in some form.

Jordan: MGS4 for 360 (PLEASE!!!!).

Emmanuel: I have multiple wants from Microsoft: anything about Games for Windows Live that’s positive, playable Mass Effect 2 and much more BioShock 2 stuff.

Matthew: Something that really makes me sit-up and pay attention. I’m tired of FPS on my 360.

Rain: Second, huge Mass Effect DLC revealed and available for immediate download.


Kristen: Heavy Rain, I Am Alive — any info on these detail-deprived titles, any info at all for the love of God! PSP Go! gets dual thumbsticks too.

Lee: Sony introduce new PSFree initiative for all journalists/contributors/podcasters.

Dennis: I seriously need Sucker Punch to announce Sly Cooper 4 for PS3. Uncharted 3: The Legend of Curly’s Gold may also be announced but is not as necessary.

Evan: PS3 version of Left 4 Dead announced.

Jamie: I demand much of Sony. Ratchet and Clank blow out (which there will be I guess). This time with online, a little co-op dragged in. Metal Gear Solid 5 revealed, new story, entirely new characters involved. Hideo Kojima revealing something that isn’t MGS5. Team ICO, for the love of god show us your game. Twisted Metal revealed. Mass Effect… multiplatform? Square shows a little PS3 love, with previous 360 exclusives making their way over to PS3. Criterion show off something new… Black 2 perhaps? Sony Bend Studios back on with a 3rd Syphon Filter PSP or Resistance: Retribution 2.

Chris: Sony announces the new PSP does actually have dual analogue sticks, as well as an OLED screen and two needles that inject caffeine directly into your palms.

Jeremy: PS3 price drop. It has to happen at some point! Also I want to see David Jaffe revealing he IS working on a new Twisted Metal.

Matthew: Price drop, price drop, price drop.

All the Rest

Kristen: Beyond Good & Evil 2 gets release date, Deus Ex 3 gets gameplay footage and Zone of the Enders 3 officially announced.

John: I want deets on Elder Scrolls V and for the Army of Two: The 40th Day details to not look gimmicky.

Lee: Square Enix announce entire Final Fantasy back catalogue is available to download on PSN and XBLA now. Teaser Trailer for new Elder Scrolls game that just has the logo with some awesome actor saying something over the top. Dead Space 2 stuff.

Dennis and Butner (in unison): D3 bursts through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man and throws Earth Defense Force 2018 at us, featuring online co-op.

Evan: Harmonix announces a subscription-based tool that lets you import songs from your own music collection into Rock Band.

Chris: Crytek announces that Timesplitters 4 is to be released summer next year, with massive multiplayer battles and more on-screen monkeys than any other videogame ever before.

Jordan: Assassin’s Creed II stuff and some awesome indie announcements like The Behemoth demoing that third game.

Emmanuel: Borderlands demo, not just screenshots. And Star Trek Online game play.

So do we dream too big? Do you think any of our “wants” are going to come true? I think we all know one that will come true and that is Nick’s wish for E3: “Something I can’t think of but that will be awesome.” Awesome, indeed. Tune in tomorrow when we crush all your hopes and dreams with what is really going to go down at this year’s E3.