Modern Warfare 2 trailer needs a spoiler warning

Have you ever wondered how Call of Duty 4 ended? Well wonder no longer. The new trailer for Modern Warfare 2 was released as promised today, bringing with it those gripping last scenes in precise detail; including when the main character *spoiler* kills the bad guy. But enough about CoD4, what new info can be ascertained with this new trailer?

Not much sadly. There are some snowmobiles that you control, a huge focus on melee kills, and and what could easily be called a smorgasbord of death. It looks like GameInformer’s previous reports of stealth and awesomeness were well-founded. We never doubted them for a second.

Nothing to do now but wait until November 11th, a task easier said then done. Modern Warfare 2 will be coming to the PS3, PC and Xbox 360. Check the trailer after the break, and some sceenshots as well.