Update / Big Boss and Raiden show up, MGS5 is new Kojima game?

Update: Damn translations are ruining my theory!

Original:This pretty much confirms it for everyone. Not only does the teaser site for Kojima’s next game have Big Boss on it at this very moment, but leaked scans of the upcoming Famitsu also show off someone who looks a lot like Raiden. The title also leaves little to the imagination, being translated as “Director Kojima Interview With Tons of Blanked Out Words: Talking The Latest MGS..”

So¬† highly censored interview about the next MGS, huh? Doesn’t this all seem too obvious? Mark this day, because if I’m right about this next statement I’m going to be saying I told you so for years to come. This is all a cover up for some other brand spanking new Kojima game and he’s just messing with everyone. Now then, if I’m totally wrong we’ll just forget I ever said anything.