Borderlands boasts an incredible 650,000 weapons

As part of the E3 run-up, Borderlands developer Gearbox Software had a lengthy chat with our pals over at IGN where they discussed some of the elements you can expect to find in their unique FPS/RPG amalgam. One of the most noteworthy claims is that the title will empower the player with over 650,000 useable weapons. The more intelligent of you will realize that the sum is enormous. Gigantic even. Especially when you consider that the (vaguely) similar Fallout 3 only has 107 weapons!

Randy Pitchford, co-founder of Gearbox, boasts, “650,000 guns is the safe number. We’ve now got some other new types of weapon classes and a lot of different weapon manufacturers and we have created a bunch of super rare and unique epic weapons and other gear, so the actual number of different weapons in the game is quite a bit higher than that. There are more weapons in Borderlands than in every shooter on both the 360 and PS3 added together. It’s an absurd number of guns to the point where talking about it isn’t really relevant any more. What’s relevant is to realize that you’ll be able to find lots of varied and better weapons and gear as you play to become more and more powerful.”

Bold claims indeed. Pitchford says that the reason the game can include so many is that the schematics are procedurally generated by part of the game’s AI, meaning each weapon is created out of a stock box of parts like Lego, only deadlier. Whether his claims are legit or not it’s a confident statement that the team’s on track to deliver an engaging and massive open-world game. Check out the full interview for more details on the weapons, the “concept art” style rendering and other interesting nuggets of information.