Conduit developers tackle Gladiator A.D.

IGN scored the exclusive unveiling of High Voltage Software’s 3D fighter Gladiator A.D., with a bevy of blood drenched screenshots and an in-depth interview with CEO Kerry Ganofsky, chief creative officer Eric Nofsinger and design director David Pellas. Unlike next month’s futuristic shooter The Conduit, the developers are taking a step backwards to the time of coliseums and gladiatorial matches. Using a tweaked version of the Quantum3 engine, it’ll be pushing the Wii pretty hard and if the screens are anything to go by it’ll be bloody beautiful by Wii standards (I apologize for the pun). Some key highlights from the interview:

  • It won’t be a button mashing brawler, but rather a more intimate fighter with light RPG elements. Describing the battle engine, Pellase describes it as “a hybrid between 3D fighting games like Bushido Blade and Boxing games like Fight Night.” This will either be awesome or extremely frustrating.
  • There will be a slew of playable characters with their own motivations for wanting to be champion.
  • Though extremely violent, the developers are espousing an authentic gladiatorial experience which includes “execution, humiliation, and brutality moves on top of the devastating attacks.”
  • No online plans have been solidified as of yet.
  • The key source of inspiration is Zack Snyder’s 300.

I have to say, High Voltage Software, and its publisher Sega, are going a long way in providing Wii owners some hardcore third-person titles. Hopefully Wii owners reward them better than they did Sega’s MadWorld.