David Jaffe’s new game a no-show at E3

David Jaffe is no stranger to gamers, the creator of Twisted Metal and God of War knows that the key to staying on the public’s good side is frequent communication. Whether it’s a tirade of abuse or casual conversation, Jaffe is happy to share his thoughts via his website with the gaming audience to keep them up-to-date with the latest developments from him and his team.

In his latest monologue Jaffe touches on whether his new development company, Eat Sleep Play, will be unveiling their new title at this year’s E3. The answer is a resounding no and, in unusual Jaffe fashion, contains hardly any expletives… Shame. He confirms that he “will be there… but we’re not showing anything.”

Speculation has run rife that the title would be shown at E3 and that it is a current-gen interpretation of the Twisted Metal franchise but there’s no evidence to support this yet, it may simply be an HD-remix of Mickey Mania. God, let’s hope not. At least there is some good news, he confirms that the team is hitting a significant milestone in development (partly due to the God of War III team visiting and helping out) and he envisions the title being on show at next year’s E3 instead.