E3 2009 / What we’ll get

Yesterday we dreamed big. We doled out our deepest hopes and dreams for this year’s upcoming E3. But hopes and dreams aren’t always what we truly know in our hearts is going to happen. I’ve always wanted Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft to show up at my door with lifetime promises to give me every system and game ever, but it’s not actually going to happen. The same applies for E3, so while we dare to dream we also realize that those dreams may not come true.

Here then we have what we think will actually happen at E3. None of that fluff, just the cold hard truth. Be prepared to have your heart crushed, or maybe your hopes raised. After all since TVGB has never done this before we have a perfect record for predicting what will actually happen at E3.

Much like yesterday we’ll break this down into the big three and then everybody else. Console exclusives go under the console they’re exclusive to or will be predicted to go exclusive to.


Kristen: Nintendo lifts lid on Kid Icarus, not Zelda, along with a slew of DSi-specific games.

John: Nintendo takes the show and breathes new life into its stalling console with Zelda.

Dennis: Nintendo unveils Pikmin 3 and that’s about it for the hardcore.

Evan: Nintendo reclaims its hardcore cred by announcing a new game in a beloved series (e.g., Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kid Icarus, etc.) and the first DSi-enhanced games will be announced (New Super Mario Bros. 2 perhaps?).

Butner: Nintendo will announce something that will make grandmothers squeal with joy.

Jamie: Nintendo ramps it up a little after last time. They give us a bit more than “Our Mario and Zelda teams are hard at work”, while making sure they’ve got a big enough announcement like a Wii Hula Hoop or something for the casual market.

Chris: Nintendo to announce a new Pikmin/Mario non-platformer/some shite no one cares about, completely dropping the ball once again. Also, old Nintendo games for download for the DSi.

Matthew: I think Nintendo learned their lesson last year with the whiplash from the hardcore. They’ll present a new Mario or Zelda for sure.


Denis: More timed exclusives form Microsoft and of course another attempt to take some casual market share from Nintendo.

John: Lionhead will announce another groundbreaking, earth shattering, mindboggling game that two years from now disappoints in ways we never thought possible.

Lee: Microsoft will continue their courtship of the casual crowd and announce loads of crap with avatar integration/motion controls/fluffy bunny wabbits. They will also try and bring the house down with ODST stuff. I will yawn, then buy it anyway because I’m stupid.

Dennis: Perfect Dark and GoldenEye coming to XBLA.

Chad: MGS4 for 360 this holiday and Microsoft motion control device announced.

Butner: Microsoft will attempt to take Xbox Live to “the next level.”

Jamie: Microsoft will tear the show apart with some exclusives they’ve been holding out on for a looooong time. I reckon they’ve got something fantastic up their sleeves.

Matthew: A massive attack on the casual market, but backed with plenty of hardcore stuff. There won’t be a coup like Final Fantasy last year though.


John: PSP Go! won’t be all we want it to be, that’s for sure.

Dennis: Due to intense fist pumping, God of War III will cause a cyclone that demolishes all attendees.

Chad: PS3 Home has the suck removed.

Butner: God of War III will be the center of Sony’s presence at the show and thus a new PSP won’t be revealed.

Chris: Sony to push GOW3 big-time, with shiny new videos featuring really, really big monsters and at least one new feature that makes everyone cream their pants.

Jordan: Despite the rumors, the PS3 price stays as is in North America and playable MAG.

Jeremy: PSP Go! revealed, releases sooner than expected at a price lower than expected. Also Team Ico breaks its silence and we all rejoice.

Matthew: Sony is going to steal the show as long as they push God of War III hard and back it with Twisted Metal and Team Ico’s game.

All the Rest

Chris: Activision shamelessly milks every franchise they have.

Kristen: Guitar Hero and Rock Band compete in dead horse pummeling contest and we see casual games out. the. ass.

John: Dead Space 2 deets revealed and there has to be something to do with GTA.

Chad: PS3 and 360 unleash E3 clothing for avatars while Netflix streaming hits Wii and PS3.

Chris: Beyond Good & Evil 2 details released and at least one game based on a big Summer blockbuster that will inevitably get mediocre reviews.

Nick: Special “available now” tracks for Rock Band. A more specific prediction is that the second protagonist and multiplayer companion for Dead Rising 2 will be a woman, possibly a woman who has covered wars. There will also be hands-on with Modern Warfare 2 and BioShock 2.

Jeremy: Criterion teases new game, possible revitalization of an older series or sequel and more Burnout stuff.

Matthew: We’re going to see huge Wii support. It might not all be great, but it will definitely be there.