Heavy Rain delayed?

Gametrailers TV are showing off a video preview of Heavy Rain that contains the following bombshell: the game won’t be coming out until next year. Presenter Geoff Keighley makes the revelation at around 19 minutes into the latest episode, during an interview with Heavy Rain‘s US managing editor Petro Piaseckj, saying the game “is going to be coming out next year exclusively for the PlayStation 3”.

The Quantic Dream-developed game was previously believed to be on track for a 2009 release. Indeed, as Eurogamer notes, at the 2008 Leipzig Games Convention, then Sony Europe president David Reeves said the game would be “the great game for PlayStation 3 next year”. Unfortunately, it isn’t to be.

In fairness, a release date for the game was never officially announced, and considering the game’s long gestatation it was probably optimistic to think it would hit this year. But it’s disappointing nevertheless. For those of you that were hoping to get their hands on Heavy Rain this year, you’ll have to console yourself with the ton of new footage and character deets in the vid above, and here too.