If your handheld consoles could talk

Since a lot of people seemed to enjoy my “If your systems could talk” comic I thought it would be appropriate to include their handheld siblings in their own comic. Nintendo’s free spirited ways continue to shine through and Sony’s PSP struggles to understand itself while the smug iPhone insists on its position in the gaming market place. Poor little forgotten N-Gage not even worthy of being rendered sits out of view begging to be included.

What ever happened to the N-Gage anyway? Well truth be told it looks like as a hardware platform N-Gage died in 2005 however it appears that Nokia continues the N-Gage brand through a software platform. N-Gage has moved to being a downloadable app for many Nokia phones that then allows you to install N-Gage games. The list of games is pretty impressive but not amazing. The bigger issue, at least for those in North America, is that Nokia phones are not very widespread here. Everywhere else it seems that Nokia is the top cellphone provider which would make Nokia phones a very attractive platform. Maybe if Nokia can infiltrate the North American market better we can begin to look at N-Gage as a legit gaming platform. Until then, you’ll stay of the frame N-Gage!

Reproduced courtesy of Oh The Humanity!