PixelJunk 1-4 becomes PixelJunk Shooter

Developer Q-Game’s latest title was revealed about a month ago under the name PixelJunk 1-4. Since then, we’ve seen a trailer for the game and a competition to find it a new name. That competition is now over, the winner? PixelJunk Shooter.

Of the 10,000 people to suggest a title for the game, 8 came up with Shooter, which Dylan Cuthbert said he thought was good for three simple reasons; simple, descriptive, and good for a logo. What other reasons do you need? There were a bunch of runner ups like Cave and Atlantis that sounded cool too. Elements was the most popular name, but Cuthbert and co felt it sounded too much like it was going to be based on the weather. Of course, the man is British so a weather game can’t be too far off at any rate.

Cuthbert ended on saying the game will be blasting its way into E3 next week with a new demo that features co-op play.