R O C K in the UK June 19

Bored and left out button mashers of the UK can rejoice, Rock Band Unplugged is set to rock the PSP June 19. For those handheld fans that didn’t know, or those that are still too busy playing Guitar Hero on the DS, Rock Band will deliver all of the great features of the console versions without all the expensive stuff getting in the way–you know, the instruments!

The very things that made these games amazing aren’t possible on the PSP, but that won’t stop MTV Games, Harmonix or EA from trying to make money trying. The fully integrated in-game DLC store and new songs not yet available on consoles do help Unplugged seem somewhat interesting for the core fan, its just hard to imagine busting out air guitar with both hands on the PSP. Guess there’s always the drums, well that or singing without a mic.