Second GTA IV DLC announced, gets bundled

Rockstar today dropped two bombs on us by announcing the title of their second round of DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV and a totally out of the blue disc-based bundle, both headed exclusively to the Xbox 360 this fall.

The second episode of DLC, The Ballad of Gay Tony, will focus on the “high-end night life” as opposed to the gritty biker gang lifestyle of The Lost and Damned and gives more varied gameplay possibilities. Injecting Liberty City with “guns, glitz, and grime,” the content puts us in the shoes of Luis Lopez, amateur thug and professional assistant to nightclub owner Tony Prince, a.k.a. Gay Tony. As Lopez, we will have to decide between loyalties to family and friends while worrying about who is real and who is fake in a place where anyone can be bought for the right price.

The disc-based bundle, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, was not on anyone’s radar but is a great idea as it will bring us the just announced DLC as well as the first episode, The Lost and Damned together on one disc and will not require us to own Grand Theft Auto IV.

The Ballad of Gay Tony will run us 1600 Microsoft Points this fall and the disc-based bundle a mere $39.99 US Dollar points.