Tony Hawk price, release date deets courtesy of GameStop

GameStop have rolled out pricing and release date details have for Tony Hawk: Ride. The latest entry to the long-running skating series, and its shiny-new board peripheral, is listed for a not-insignificant $119.99 over at the GameStop website. A release date of October 13th is also shown. While this information has not been confirmed by publishers Activision, we wouldn’t bet against GameStop getting it right.

A price tag of $120 puts Tony Hawk: Ride at around $20 more than the equivalent Rock Band guitar bundle, which seems relatively reasonable considering the tasty looking skateboard peripheral. It is still a lot of money though. Will people be willing to shell out that amount of cash to wobble around on top of a piece of plastic for a past-its-sell-by-date franchise? We’ll have to wait and see.

Also, as point out, there is still some lingering confusion as to the game’s exclusivity status in the UK. It had initially been announced that the game would be Xbox 360 exclusive in the region. However, since that statement, Activision’s UK PR team backed down, calling their own press release “erroneous.” It is now believed that Tony Hawk: Ride will be a European timed-exclusive for Xbox 360, though we expect official confirmation at E3 next week.