Tweet with Tim Schafer, win a guitar

With E3 coming at us faster then most can handle, so too do the giant beasts know only as hype-machines. Originally created by man, these mechanized monstrosities quickly slipped out of human control. Now they lay in wait, feeding on fan anticipation and acne cream, waiting to pounce.

And what fantastical bait they have set. Tim Shafer is offering to answer your questions live on Twitter, all you have to do is send a tweet off at the right time to @BrutalLegend and he may just respond. One particularly lucky tweeter will also get an honest to goodness guitar inspired by Tenacious D themselves!

So, get a Twitter account (or go on the website and register), hang out until about 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. on June 2 and send a tweet for Mr. Schafer with the hashtag #E3BL in it. Maybe you’ll win a guitar. Maybe one of our monstrous robotic overlords will scoop you out of your house while you sleep. We’ll find out the truth June 10 when the guitar winner is announced and victims are culled.