Bionic Commando Rearmed repriced

Say what you will about the dreadlocked current gen reboot, the original Bionic Commando was the bee’s knees. When Grin (ahem) rearmed the NES classic in glorious HD, complete with new boss battles, multiplayer modes and challenge rooms, I cannot even begin to describe my bodily reaction without labeling this article NSFW. If you haven’t already made the bionic arm swing down memory lane, here’s one more reason why you probably should.

Coinciding with the recent release of Bionic Commando for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the price of BC Rearmed has temporarily dropped from 800 to 400 Microsoft Points (or $5.00 America Points) on Xbox Live. That’s a 50% price decrease, and in my humble opinion, a steal. In fact, not splurging on this XBLA gem would be almost criminal. This limited time offer has already begun and ends one week from today on Wednesday, June 3rd. Go grab it.