EA and Activision reveal their E3 line-ups

What’s better than one giant of the gaming industry revealing its E3 line-up? Two giants of the gaming industry revealing their line-ups for E3! EA and Activision have released their gaming line-ups for what the world of gaming lovingly calls “the best three day ever.” What’s in store for TVGB when we head out their? A whole lot.

Activsion will be letting us get our feet on with Tony Hawk: Ride while they also bring us some actual time with Modern Warfare 2. The standard Guitar Hero action will be present along with the first chance to mix it up DJ style with DJ Hero.They’ll also be showing off Prototype, Blue and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

EA will be busting out some big dogs too, delivering the likes of Brutal Legened, Dante’s Inferno and Dead Space Extraction. Of course nothing new is on the list, but we’re sure to get plenty of suprises from both companies. Rounding out their enticing list are Army of Two: The 40th Day, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Fifa 10 and a slew of other smaller games to possibly ignore.

Of course both companies are sure to have some big announcements outside of these games and TVGB will be sure to bring them to you when they hit.