Jumpgate Evolution launch delayed

Ok, are you ready? Here’s the news: according to a forum post on the official website, Jumpgate Evolution has been pushed back from its June release to an as of yet unknown date. Anyone moan? Well, quit yer bitchin an listen. Its all good. Jumpgate has been in development for three years now and NetDevil is determined to release their baby MMO in nothing short of pristine condition.

The delay came after the Friends and Family phase of testing, in which feedback showed more work was needed. Specifically stated was major tweaks regarding instanced and public PvP systems. Feedback like this is of the utmost importance to developers and, as pointed out by NetDevil president Scott Brown, “Nowadays, Massively Multiplayer Online Games have a highly competitive market and a less-than-stellar release can be the end of a title before it starts.”

Brown went on to remind eager gamers, “The only thing worse than waiting is being rewarded with a product that does not live up to its potential.” What we’ve seen of Jumpgate so far is beautiful MMO gaming and near limitless potential for sci-fi fans. This delay is disappointing, sure, but NetDevil goal of not disappointing gamers is surely an admirable one.