Kaos Studios’ new project is Homefront

Well, now we know that Kaos Studios’ definition of “soon” is pretty much the same as ours — yesterday’s tease has today transformed into the actual announcement of their next game, Homefront, which  is under development for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

The Fronlines: Fuel of War developer will be once more flexing their first-person shooter muscle but instead of sending players to fight over the planet’s remaining energy resources as they did in Frontlines, they’ve chosen to run with an ever darker theme and see how players react to fighting on US soil under North Korean occupation. In the “personal, story-driven” single-player campaign, it’s been ten years since the economic collapse of the States and players fight in the American Civilian Resistance to reclaim their baseball fields, strip malls and suburban neighborhoods. Literally.

The announcement made no mention of drones (we just love those little buggers), the gameplay element that made Frontlines stand out, but we expect an answer to that and lots more, including details on the multiplayer mode, next week at E3 as the game will be unveiled there.