New Cursed Mountain trailer fills in the bits

Deep Silver’s survival horror game for the Wii, Cursed Mountain, follows the tale of Eric Simmons, a mountaineer who has set off to find his mountaineer brother who has gone missing. On a mountain. Eric’s brother was sent with a climbing partner by Edward Bennet to find a cursed Buddhist box… or something.

Look, it’s gonna try to use MotionPlus, Deep Silver has got the game looking much prettier then before and it’s a Wii-exclusive that doesn’t rely entirely on mini-games. Not to mention Zombie Monks, six armed Buddhist creatures, an alternate dimension and some neat looking controls. Frankly, it’s a must buy.

We’ve seen some gameplay, got a taste of the story, now with this trailer Cursed Mountain has begun to take shape as the only Wii-exclusive survival horror game about a guy looking for his brother in the Himalayas that we care about.