No More Heroes 2 scans make my beam katana need charging

As someone who bathes in gaming news and information on a daily basis there are very few things that truly get me excited anymore. Information on No More Heroes: Deperate Struggle is one of those things that does. I could write you an extensive treatise on why No More Heroes is one of the greatest games ever made, and in fact have, so knowing that even an iota more information makes life that much better.

Thank you Famitsu for providing us with glories images and information on the game! TVGB’s good friend Adam Dork sent over a bit of a translation of everything that is on those pages and it’s looking pretty good. It appears it has been three years since the first game and Santa Destroy has been changed into a large city thanks to some corporations moving in. Travis Touchdown is laying back, but not for long as Sylvia returns to his life with more people to kill and a few issues with his friend Bishop need to be resolved. As you can see from the images some new characters will also be revealed, which makes sense since Travis killed practically everyone in the first game.

Gameplay wise the game will feature a more in depth battle system — as if the original wasn’t some of the most fun on the Wii — that has more wrestling moves, dual wielding swords and a few other suprises. It also appears that the game has got a bit of a graphical and artistic face lift. Nothing too huge, but enough to be noticeable. Aside from that not much else is revealed, but Famitsu is going to have a new trailer up for the game on May 30 and I’m hoping we actually get to see some of this at E3. What better way for Nintendo to appeal to the hardcore than by showing of some more No More Heroes?