Scratch Deck drops and we bounce our heads

Leave it to Numark to put together a fine piece of DJ videogame peripheral that actually resembles a set up a real working DJ would use, albeit a very simplified version. Unlike the DJ Hero version, the colored buttons we’re familiar with from Guitar Hero don’t appear on the turn table itself but rather appear as hit pads to the side. Left handed players will be delighted to know that the unit is designed for use by both right and left handed players.

It’s apparent that Scratch: The Ultimate DJ is more focused towards the Hip-Hop end of the DJ spectrum. The free-spinning turn table and MPC-style hit pads give it away and surely will provide enough “wicky-wickys” and “boom-boom-claps” to leave any Hip-Hip aficionado satisfied. There is room to make your own tracks using the the pre-loaded samples from the 60 battle tracks that come with the game or you can create your own samples using a compatible USB microphone. Hip-Hop stardom here we come! Dare we say the Scratch Deck looks absolutely, ballin’? Don’t mind if we do.