Shaun White eyeing global snowboard takeover for the Holidays

In what surely comes as no surprise to anyone, seeing as Shaun White Snowboarding infiltrated homes with more than 3 million copies sold (that’s a lot of dimp!), Ubisoft has announced that Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage is coming exclusively to the Wii in time for a Holiday 2009 release. This time it’s personal and Shaun White isn’t going to stand for just any old Target branding on a mountain. No sir or madam, he’s conquering THE WORLD. Ready the giant moon engraving lazer!

The game will again let players hit the the snow using the Wii Balance Board (which really needs force feedback to throw people off when they fail miserably) in locations like New York’s Times Square, France, Canada and Japan all while trying to take down the world’s best snowboarders.¬†Hopefully this game will bring Shaun White one step closer to realizing his destiny: starring in Gleaming the Cube 2. We’ll learn more about the title and possible destiny of the titular star during Ubisoft’s E3 press conference next week.