There’s something on the internet. BioShock 2 teaser site gets revamp

The original BioShock 2 teaser site was odd enough, just an empty and ominous map with some crackling static and a few red push-pins. Then, as days turned to weeks the story unfolded in the form of new pins and documents being placed on the map. Little girls, perhaps a dozen, had been stolen from their homes with trails all leading into the ocean. Notes on the author began to arise.

Recently the site has gone through a change, pulling back the vantage point roughly 9 feet and letting you see the room that the previous map resides in. You can still zoom into the old map by clicking on it, but why would anyone with all the new and interesting things just waiting to be clicked on? Pill bottles, photographs, x-rays, even a nice little file cabinet left 60 percent empty — I wonder what for?

Go have fun clicking. I like to pretend it’s the hardest point-and-click adventure ever conceived and I’m just really bad at it. Maybe it’ll keep us busy until BioShock 2 is released on Nov. 3 in the US and Oct. 30 in Europe. Maybe.