Extract money from your wallet, Dead Space for Wii dated

It’s time to get ready to hop in the old invisible rail car and prime your wiimote in preparation to blast away freakishly scary critters coming at you from the darkest of dark corridors because the on-rails shooter Dead Space Extraction is coming, and it’s coming this Sept. 29th. Despite some public backlash at the choice to make the Wii exclusive an on-rails shooter, it will hopefully join the ranks of other well received on-rails shooters like The House of the Dead: Overkill.

Dead Space Extraction takes place before the events of Dead Space and you’ll play as colonist trying to escape the outbreak that has occurred in your colony. If it’s at least as freaky as the first game, we’re fully expecting many of our pants to be soiled come September. Now would be the time to invest in some powerful stain remover, we’ll probably need it.