Gladiator A.D. trailer is gore galore

In what appears to be another game attempting to push the Wii into hardcore gaming relevancy, Gladiator A.D. is certainly not Smash Bros. Gore upon more gore and topped off with a little bit of beheading and we have ourselves a trailer (after the break) of a delightfully violent fighting game. It seems that the way into the hearts of hardcore gamers is through buckets of unrelenting blood, at least if you use this and MadWorld as your references.

The game certainly looks interesting and it’s definitely a stark difference from the other side of the spectrum when it comes to the majority of Wii titles. If Gladiator A.D. lives up to what it’s intending to deliver in what is described as being more than just a button mashing fighter, it will hopefully catch the eye of more hardcore gamers. Between this and Dead Space Extraction, the Wii is definitely getting some much needed adult gaming attention, and that has to be a good thing.