New trailer for The Saboteur brings explosions, blur

There’s a new trailer for Pandemic’s open-world rebellion sim, The Saboteur. In the game you play an ex-race car driver trapped in Nazi France during World War 2; it’s basically the best idea ever. Occupied areas of the city will be black and white until the player’s acts of sabotage can inspire the people, bringing hope, and color, back to the landscape.

The trailer breaks down what could be considered a fairly average mission. Sean Devlin, the game’s protagonist, is hanging out in a french burlesque when he is slipped a note. He brushes off some girl with a blurred-out butt and heads for the door. What follows is exactly what you’d expect, stealth killing, blow up a Nazi car and running from guards. It all looks good and it’s all CG. No actual gameplay to speak of.

Cut back to Mr. Devlin hanging out with a lady friend in front of the same burlesque, I assume chosen as their hideout because the sign is able to blur its own breasts. She slips him another note. Roll credits. I’m not sure why watching someone kill a Nazi foot soldier outright and throw him off a roof is acceptable while boobs on a sign are not, even after confirming my age. As they say, c’est la vie.

The Saboteur will be rising up sometime this year on the PS3 and Xbox 360.