StarCraft comic hits store shelves

Great news if you love the StarCraft mythos and comic books. DC Comics has announced that they will be releasing a StarCraft comic book series entitled, wait for it, “StarCraft.” The title will be released under DC’s WildStorm brand.

The story follows a band of criminals, known as the War Pigs, who are serving under the Terran army, doing missions while they serve out their time. However, during a Zerg infestation the leader of the War Pigs strikes a deal selling out his own men in exchange for his own life. The War Pigs escape but years later are reunited for one final mission in order to receive a full pardon: find and kill Jim Raynor. You may remember Jim Raynor as the hero of the first StarCraft.

Generally speaking, comic books based on separate properties for the sole purpose of promotion aren’t very good. However, this brief storyline synopsis has me intrigued. The comic hit store shelves yesterday, May 27th. Be sure to pick up a copy and let us know what you think.