Treasure World shows you how Treasure World is done

If you haven’t heard ofTreasure World I can’t really blame you. It’s one of those quirky little DS games that probably won’t be showing up all over the place and definitely won’t appeal to everyone. However, Aspyr is trying something really cool and out of the box with this game and it should be noted even if you aren’t into it.

The above video explains how players can create music in Treasure World with the prizes they collect. How does one collect prizes? By driving around and finding wireless hot spots. Every time your DS finds one (opened or closed) you’re awarded a treasure. The game is literally a massive scavenger hunt with over 2,500 different treasures to collect and make music with. It’s very interesting, and while we have yet to test out how fun it actually is it’s hard not to applaud Aspyr for trying something totally different.