Aragon’s Quest trailer delivers on the family promise

A few days ago word got out that with the Lord of the Rings rights safely back in Warner Bros. hands, the company had embarked upon a family friendly title named Aragon’s Quest. Well, they weren’t lying. Upon first glance, immediate comparisons can be drawn up with the likes of 2007’s Spider-Man: Friend or Foe. For this iteration, Samwise (the brave) Gamgee is telling the tale of Aragon to his 4 kids. That’s right, 4. Sam’s obviously been keen to prove the rumours about him and Frodo were greatly over-exaggerated.

The cartoony approach really does give Middle Earth a fresh new look after several muddy titles under EA, and a fair few enemies can be seen on screen at times, but that’s all there is to go on right now. Is there going to be co-op? A lot of Aragon’s chums are following him around throughout the trailer.

Still, at least this happened before LEGO managed to get their mits on the franchise.