Battlefield 1943 comes with 3 maps, makes us kill 43 million people for the 4th

This is certainly an interesting way to make sure people keep playing your game — EA has announced a fourth map for the download-only Battlefield 1943 today, Coral Sea, which will be unlocked upon completion of a “community challenge.” The challenge is simple, players just have to kill each other a whole bunch of times. 43 million times to be exact.

This can be looked at in two ways of course, either as a widtheld map (the buyer’s viewpoint) or an extra map created to reward an active community (EA’s selling point). Normally we’d applaud the approach since it’s way (way) better than paying for DLC, but making players jump through hoops to beef up a $15 multiplayer-only game that comes with just three maps, and those too re-imagined from a previous game? An eyebrow raiser for sure.

Battlefield 1943 will become available on XBLA/PSN some time during the summer with the PC version following in September.