E3 2009 / Bayonetta trailer may cause whiplash

Let’s get this part out of the way first; Bayonetta contains some of the most sophisticated ass-kicking women that has ever graced the pixels of a videogame. It’s either that or every character in the world of Bayonetta is suffering from varying levels of glaucoma. I count one character in this trailer who is not wearing glasses. I think Tina Fey could relate to this game, well maybe not.

Now that we got that out of the way, what else does this beautiful Bayonetta trailer show us? Action, and plenty of it. Nothing too different than what we’ve seen before, but with a little less sexually suggestive content. There are plenty of over the top combat scenes complete with a giant death cog. The game is clearly very fast paced, often moving at break-neck speeds and is loaded with effects filling your screen rapidly at all times. So much so it should probably come with a warning label.

Bayonetta shaping up to be a solid, fast-paced action game that also just so happens to be sporting the boob factor. Sexy heroins never hurt anyone, right?