E3 2009 / Dante’s Inferno trailer

The trailers are coming in thick and fast today, intent on whipping us up into a pre-E3 frenzy. This one is for Dante’s Inferno, EA’s forthcoming hell-’em-up that looks to delight action-adventure fans and disgust straight-laced literary types in equal measure.

Dante’s Inferno, widely regarded as one of the finest pieces of literature ever written, follows Dante’s decent through the nine levels of hell in a rich allegorical tale. Dante’s Inferno, the forthcoming videogame, follows Dante as he kicks the crap out of loads of beasty-things. Now I’ve got a Degree in English, I appreciate a good bit of literature, but you know what? Given the choice, I’ll take the monster-slayin’, spine sythe wieldin’ Dante every time.

Check out the trailer above for a taster and prepare yourself for more coverage from our Elite Force of TVGB word assassins at E3 next week. It’s ok to hate them, right?