E3 2009/ First Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time gameplay

Insomniac are set to storm E3 yet again with their 7th Ratchet title, A Crack In Time. The game hasn’t been seen bar a teaser trailer until now, with a glorious minute and 27 seconds of platforming action. It isn’t the longest of clips, but there’s a load of stuff shown off such as Ratchet’s flashy new hover boots, or a fishy weapon that seems to belch its opponents to death, just one of the many new weapons to play around with. Speaking of opponents, there are gun wielding fish monsters and beast riding mutants to be seen, which our furry friend must fight alongside his new pal.

In terms of story, creative director Brian Allgeier revealed that the white Lombax isn’t an old Ratchet, rather Alister Azimuth, another member of the species, meaning Ratchet isn’t all by himself after all. There’s still no sign of Clank after Quest For Booty’s ending, but Allgeier did reveal, surprise surprise, that time travel was going to be an important feature in the game.

Is Ratchet picking up where Blinx left off? Let’s hope E3 reveals all next week.