Eminem, Jay-Z to give DJ Hero some street cred

Considering all the rhythm games that are available to consumers at this point, it is not known whether they will have the tolerance for an additional entry, regardless of whether or not it will become successful.

All of which makes Activision’s decision to release DJ Hero to the masses either a stroke of genius, or a sign that the company is willing to forgo innovation and merely stick to the musical ‘Hero’ formula which has granted them success.

Perhaps sensing that their latest title needs that something extra, the company has announced that artists Eminem and Jay-Z have decided to lend their efforts into launching the newest franchise in Activision’s stable of games.

The artists will lend some of their music to the game and to additional downloadable content, which Activision has yet to confirm at this point.

Gamespot has also reported that Activision will allow Jay-Z and Eminem to have their own special edition of DJ Hero, which will have “an advanced version of the game’s turntable controller, a performance-ready DJ stand and two exclusive CD compilations that feature original mixes from each performer.”

DJ Hero will be released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and Wii in the fall of this year. It will also feature music from various genres such as hip hop, r&b, motown and electric.

This star power should help the game see a boost in sales; hopefully it will be enough to compete with the company’s other offers, including Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits, Band Hero and Guitar Hero: Van Halen, which are also expected to see release this fall.