Mighty Flip Champs this Monday on DSiWare

Seeing as how yesterday was pre-E3 trailer day and next week is going to be all-out E3 madness, there’s a chance that some of the smaller games we talk about in the coming days will be overshadowed by their big-budget counterparts. Let’s make a promise to each other right now, though — we’re not going to overlook Mighty Flip Champs, which is scheduled to hit DSiWare this Monday, June 1, for the reasonable price of 800 Nintendo Points. Deal?

Developed by WayForward, the fine folks behind Contra 4, Shantae, and the upcoming A Boy and His Blob for Wii, Mighty Flip Champs is an 8-bit style puzzle game that could only appear on DSi, thanks to the screen-flipping mechanic that is central to the core gameplay. I know you’ve promised your current hype to the Bayonettas and BioShock 2s of the gaming world, but do us a favor and save just a little bit for this promising little puzzler.