Update 2 / Qore steals part of Sony’s E3 thunder

Update 2: Even better quality pics added (via Eurogamer).
Update: Added better vid and better quality pic after the jump.

Oringinal story: Whoops! Looks like one of Sony’s E3 announcements got out of the bag a little bit early — the much speculated on PSP Go is indeed very much a reality, as can be seen from a clip of June’s Qore above. You’ll see the first in a series of pictures snapped by Gaming Console Network (which has been experiencing severe lag since the posting).

The new handheld is said to come with 16GB of internal flash memory (Destructoid suggests that an 8 GB model will also be available), integrated Bluetooth and no UMD slot. There’s also mention of Gran Turismo PSP being announced at next week’s conference. The clip above also shows the first glimpses of LittleBigPlanet in action.

The unit is set to ship in the Fall of ’09.  The price point has not been set yet, and Sony claims the unit will not replace the PSP-3000 on shelves.

Expect all the juicy details on this thing on Tuesday from Sony’s press conference. For now, check out some images of the unit below.