Team Fortress 2 update adds milestones for Spy and Sniper

It’s been a very interesting couple of weeks for Team Fortress 2. First, we get news of the anticipated Sniper update, then that update turns out to be an update for the Spy as well, then the Meet the Spy video gets leaked, then the update is released and everyone is wondering, “Hey, what’s with this new weapon pick-up system?” After that, Valve has to explain to everyone what this system is all about and then everybody started idling servers in their attempts to get the new unlocks.

A recent update for Team Fortress 2 however now adds milestones for the Spy and Sniper to get unlocks while the new system, which randomly gives players unlocks, is still in place. Prior to this, players could only get the new Spy and Sniper weapons through the new system, while all other classes that had received new weapons prior to the Spy and Sniper could still get weapons through existing milestone achievements as well as the new system. Different from the requirements of the previous classes that received unlocks however, the Spy and Sniper now only require 5 achievements for the first weapon, 11 for the second and 17 for the final weapon. The other classes still require 10, 16 and 22 achievements for their respective weapons.