E3 2009 / Borderlands trailer massages our retinas

When Gearbox showed us its new visual direction for their upcoming game Borderlands we definitely liked what we saw. The comic book, concept art style of the graphics looks sharp and full of rich visuals that marches to a beat of its own. While screenshots were nice and all, we were holding our judgments until we finally got to see the game in action.

Now that we’ve seen Borderlands in action we can safely say that we’re excited to see much more of it next week during E3. We only got a tiny taste of the new look in motion, but what we do see looks pretty damn good. They style is working thus far and needless to say if your interest wasn’t piqued before, we sure hope it is now. Stay tuned to us next week and hopefully we’ll have much more Borderlands to share among many other stories.