E3 2009 / Dragon Age gets heavy

Can you smell that wonderful aroma in the air? Do you have any idea what it may be? We do, it’s the smell of E3 approaching and the pre-E3 trailers showering down upon us. As the hype builds for this year’s E3 we begin to swell with anticipation for the massive information bombs to be dropped on our tiny eager heads. BioWare has already tickled our fancy with a nice Mass Effect 2 trailer, and now, Dragon Age: Origins.

As expected the trailer doesn’t really show us much of anything, in fact it’s just a fun cgi trailer full of blood, stabbing and heavy metal. We are not deterred though, in fact it just heightens our anticipation for more substance next week for the E3 onslaught that will surely occur. Are you ready? We know we are, in fact we’ve stocked piled coffee and hired worker monkeys to periodically slap our faces to keep us alert, awake and bringing the news to our faithful readers. Let the games begin!