E3 2009 / We’re here and we’re que… wait

Oh yea, it’s true. That VideoGame Blog is at E3 or to be more precise we’re in the city where E3 is! We don’t have proof yet, but soon there will be photographs and videogame wonders flooding these pages. We’ll be bringing you live blogs from all the best press conference, news that’s more up to date than any other news ever and of course hands-on with every game we can get our hands onto.

Tommy Lawler, Dennis Lesica, Butner Brimbery, myself and our intrepid photographer Charlie Suh are going to absolutely destroy E3 for you the good reader. It’s going to rock and we’re going to rock it. We’ve got interviews, gaming news and tons of stuff to show off. Come back starting tomorrow morning when we’ll be live blogging Microsoft’s press conference and stick around until the end of the week when we wrap our coverage up. Epicness is about to ensue.