Square Enix infects us with their new game, Nier

Nier, a game best introduced by the opening line of the video above, was indeed something that no one saw coming. Even our staff, with our ever vigilant ears to the ground, knew nothing about this hack and slash game from Square Enix, but we managed to dig up a little dirt.

Sadly the game has nothing to do with Alfred O.C. Nier, but instead centers around a warrior’s quest to find a cure for the Black Scrawl virus, which has infected his daughter. Nier puts us in a crumbling world, plagued by human anguish and inhabited by dark creatures, and forces us to fight our way through using magic and brute force.

We went back, after finding all that out, to watch the video a second time and it almost made sense. Except for the fact that we have no idea why Square Enix could not have waited a couple of days to show this off at E3 to provide a better explanation, but things like that never really make sense.