The dead come together in new Dead Rising 2 trailer

Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 team is not letting the Day of Trailers go by without firing a shot, even if they aren’t planning on attending next week’s gaming news-plosion known as E3. This new trailer throws down the gauntlet for all other games in development attempting to simulate 7,000 zombies milling about on the Vegas strip and says, “yeah we’ve got a lot of dead guys on screen, you wanna fight about it?”

No, no we don’t. Keiji Inafune, exec-producer of Dead Rising 2, along with other prominent members of the Capcom family have opted out of this year’s E3 show due to fears of contracting swine flu; So maybe this is all we get out of Capcom about Dead Rising 2 for E3.

With the clamouring fan base that the first game had I’m sure we’ll be seeing more eventually before the game comes out some time in 2010 to the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.