Rock Band Network could bring every song ever made to Xbox Live

Harmonix has announced an all new way to create, share, and sell your music online: the Rock Band Network. This service allows musicians to upload the master recordings of any tune that they possess the rights to, have a Harmonix team member map out the guitar, drum, bass, and vocal gameplay tracks for use in Rock Band, and then have this future chart-topper unleashed on an unsuspecting public via Xbox Live. Artists are also allowed to craft the instrument tracks themselves with the help of the Reaper Digital Audio Workstation and Rock Band 2‘s new Audition Mode, ensuring that even the most ardent control freaks will be happy.

Once uploaded, the song will be made available for testing purposes to Rock Band Network members who also possess a XNA Creator’s Club Premium account, which costs $99 per year. After their diddy has been checked, it will be submitted for peer review before eventually making its way to the Xbox Live Marketplace and the Rock Band Store. Artists will receive a cut of the action, and are allowed to choose from several pricing tiers before their song goes on sale. Certain stand out songs could also appear on PSN and Wii, though this wouldn’t happen until a month after the song makes its 360 debut. Harmonix has also stated that they will help promote people’s music, though they didn’t exactly say how.

The Rock Band Network is open to both indie bands as well as established artists, allowing anyone with a song and some know how to get in on the action. The program will go into beta this August, with the full roll out for the network happening this fall. All interested parties can check out the official site for more information, and should contact the below gentleman if they need some mean guitar playing for their homage to “Through the Fire and Flames.”